What is an orthopath?

Orthopath: a practitioner of orthopathic medicine

Orthopathic Medicine: The art and science of restoring normal structure, health and dynamics to the body using physical treatment allied with other adjunctive therapies/approaches that aid the restoration of natural balance and health.

Adjunctive therapies and approaches usually include Nutritional advice, Lifestyle advice, and other Therapeutic systems as appropriate that will help restore health.

Orthopaths are trained in an established physical therapy such as osteopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy etc. and have expanded their therapeutic approach to embrace more detailed study and treatment of fascia using a variety of methods including fascial release techniques, Rolfing techniques, FDM, MER, etc.

The requisite training for an orthopath would be a minimum of that required for an osteopath or chiropractor plus an understanding of the broader health implications of fascial structures. Some orthopaths will have achieved a speciality post graduate training in fascial anatomy and treatment, others will have the basic groundings and understanding which they use to enhance their primary therapeutic approach.

The individual supportive therapies and approaches will depend on the speciaility or training each orthopath brings to their work, some may use energetic medicine such as acupuncture, or applied kinesiolgy others may use medicinal treatment such as homoeopathy or herbalism, others may work with relaxation, breathing or NLP all will give their attention to the patient’s nutrition.

The strength of orthopathy lies in its simple philosophical foundation of normalising structure and body-mind health while encouraging the rational and pragmatic use of other therapeutic systems compatible with improving the health and well-being of the patient.

The orthopath recognises medicine and healthcare are dynamic and developing, there is no absolute “right way” set in stone, orthopthy is not pedantic and set in its ways but is an ever developing, improving dynamic system of healing guided by the best scientific principles.

Orthopathy does not oppose modern medical practice but seeks to put greater emphasis on our natural healing ability, appealing to modern medicine to complement this approach as necessary and appropriate.


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